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Bella Schneider Beauty PEELL N TREAT

What’s the attraction of any peel to begin with? They are able to address and correct many skin problems, including sun damage, acne,  hyperpigmentation (the dermatological term for uneven

darkening of the skin), and even signs of aging, such as wrinkles and loss of elasticity. While an intense experience, and one that requires commitment and maintenance on the part of the recipient,

the herbal peel not only offers dramatic results, but is a cleaner, greener option for those who want to go natural with their skincare procedures as well as their products.

Herbal peels are an effective non-medical alternative to microneedling. Easily performed by estheticans across the states, yielding beautiful results of improved skin texture and tone. Herbal peels

are often called "natural microneedling" because they feel like small needles pricking during the treatment and thereafter for a few hours. Skin shows amazing results within 4 days!

Quote from Bella Schneider:

Bella Schneider, an industry innovator and educator, has been performing her herbal peels for many years. She is pleased that they are beginning to get widespread attention in the skincare industry.

“I have had so many people inquiring and interested in the herbal peel, where they were oblivious before,” she says. “I think it’s just this whole global movement now toward the natural – but the

vanity’s still there, so people want results, but are trying to get away from the acids.

AS FEATURED IN The WAVE Magazine, October 2008 By Jo Abbie

2 - Herbs #2A, Activator #2B

1.    In a small bowl mix 1 teaspoon of Peel’n Treat Herbs #2A with 2 tablespoons of Peel’n Treat  Activator #2B until a uniform paste is formed.

Spread mixture over face and massage the face (optional neck) with smooth continuous movements.

Massage:  4-7 min for  medium exfoliation,

7-10min for deep peel.

Optional step - Complexion Restorative Peel #2 D (Mandelic acid)

After the first 2 to 3 minutes of massaging add tea spoon full of Soothing Gel # 2 C to the mixture on the face and continue massaging.

Where needed to encourage  deeper exfoliation and brightening:  Add a small amount of Complexion Restorative Peel #2 D (Mandelic acid) to the mixture during the massage at any point (depending on sensitivity and client skin condition) and continue massaging.


4A - Drying Gel # 4

4B -Drying Gel # 4A

Apply 2 layers of Drying Gel # 4A, let it dry. Apply  for all skin types to seal the skin reduce any redness and to protect skin from sun.

1 - Cleansing Gel # 1.

Wet the face with warm water and rinse the skin with Peel’n Treat Cleansing Gel # 1.

3 - Oxygen Mist #3

Terminate massaging and spray Oxygen Mist #3  leave the herbs on for additional 5 to 10 min. keep the herbs moist thorough the entire time.

 Have the client wash their face at the sink with the cleanser until all herbs removed.

Gently pat the skin dry.